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My story.......

I have been raising beagles for 25 years now, Breeding for 17 years. I have rescued beagles and helped other people find there beagles homes. If you know any people who would like have there beagle adopted out please contact me I will try to help out for re-homing. Most of you know my story by now but I started out with three males and moved on to just loving the beagle breed and now have more beagles. They are my life now . New England's people choice has made me one of the top reputable breeders, and the number one family breeder in western mass ! I have a wonderful reputation and find breeding rewarding, and challenging with hard work. There are good breeders out there, and there could be more if they had more passion for there dogs. They should be willing to stand behind what they do, and do it correctly. Humanely raising there dogs, and offering excellent customer service with HEALTHY puppies.

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