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 June 10, 2024
  MANDY's in Labor!
  Please leave the best number to reach you!

  Lemon crew is good , we are in week two so eyes are opening and their starting to stand a bit. I do my best on pics, mama Dylya gets a wee bit upset so pics are hard. 

Crystal the owner of Mandy is taking a male & female AND THEY WILL BE BLUE TICKED BEAGLES.
   TRI-COLORS ARE COMING late summer, early fall. We are doing all litters this summer as we are bringing up our own puppies over the fall and winter.(its alot of work).  
June 22nd, 2024 Saturday by 
appointment only and you have 30 minutes.  
11:00 am- Karen- female 3
11:30- Jason-male 3
12:00-Matt- Male 1
12:30-Mike M-female 1
  1:00- Susan-male 2
   1:30-Danielle- female 2
    PLEASE BRING $1100 CASH at the visit. Kids & family welcome and you may take pictures.
Go home Saturday July 20th !
  Vet date is July 10th! 


 Their pictures are updated every weekend!
If you think the list is too long trust me it will change over the next few weeks! Don't be afraid to put in your application!

     No deposit required; however you would need to check in every 2 weeks to stay on list by email!
    WATCH YOUR DATES NEXT TO NAME MAKE SURE YOU EMAIL ME OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SPOT*********highlighted names means coming off list soon
    Mandy's Litter
     Litter due June 12th, 2024    
  1. Our crystal taking one female and a male.
Kelly P-Female-06/11
   3.Kassidy W-06/11--Female/male 
   4. Alejandro-06/11- Female
   5. Coleen-06/11-Male-

   6. Rob 06/11-female.  
   7. Don-female-06/11
. Julie -female- 5/29

  Tri-Color Litter Due-7/29/24
go home September-ish.
 1. Me- 2 females 
2. Ying-female/male 06/11
3. Lisa S-male  06/11
4. Emily-male  06/11
5. Matt- male/female 06/11



   More PUPPIES coming!

AKC Quality Beagles, DNA tested and profiled. Breeding only beagles for 17 years. 
Go to facebook and join other families that have pups from me! 
Kane Ninekids Beagler

 Is Facebook Page.
Puppies come with (included in price which is $1,500.00 per pup male or female, PLEASE SEE OUR PRICING POLICY.

A $400.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit to reserve pup.
*Health Record (1st shots done by a licensed Vet) *AKC PAPERS(LIMITED) *Puppy Kit * AKC Lineage Chart and * Health Guarantee Contract, and a stuffed toy that has there "Litter Scent" to go home with them !

Puppies pics are updated every Saturday or Sunday so you can and your family can watch your puppy change and grow while waiting for pick up day! **

  We accept visa & mastercard ,personal checks.    Paypal ( Friends & Family).


 Local small hobby breeder. In compliance with local & federal laws. ALL AKC , all beagles.

 The 2 locations is homes, they are in are homes. NO KENNELS


Facebook: Kane nine kids -Beagler.

Best Way to Reach me is email. IF YOU HAVE made the list PLEASE EMAIL ME EVERY 2 WEEKS! Make sure I reply.

HI ! I'M Danielle! THE BEAGLE LADY! WITH MOLLY   Orange, Ma Location

  Crystal is my business partner and bestie beagle friend!!!!  That location is in Gardner, Ma.

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